first comics for BLUE HORIZON by naila moonsi.

First Blue Horizon comic ever and it's one with the mains Antonio Chandrani-Rivera and Alejandro Altaha being disastrous. :D

This is going to be part of an update-whenever side series of silly or sad gay comics called "Blue Horizon: Bright Days, Sad Days" on Webtoon...!

antonio: i can't believe you. you seriously know about earth's constellations through history books, ale?
alejandro, annoyed: what about it? just because it's your special interest doesn't mean it'll be mine, antonio.
antonio, cocky: you could be LESS embarrassed. i could teach you our own planet's constellations EASILY.
(star border)
alejandro, now blushing: that's... completely unnecessary. i mean, i'd rather learn about your family's history instead. like i asked before, didn't your great grandpa have a husband-- (interrupted immediately by antonio)
antonio, intent and blushing now too, way too close to an extremely blushing alejandro: you wanna know our family history? why? you wanna marry SOMEBODY in our family? like baba was saying, my cousin farrah--
alejandro absolutely losing it with his interruption with intense blush and fists going up away from antonio: LEARNING ABOUT YOUR FAMILY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!
a chibi antonio looks wondering, and it says at the side, 'thinking about telling him about his great-grandpa kamil.'

First digital comic I've ever done too, so I'm very excited. I've been wanting to make comics for Blue Horizon since my teens in the 2000's.

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