the characters of BLUE HORIZON by naila moonsi.

100,000 years in the future, we'll find each other...

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Alejandro has red eyes, light bronze skintone, a mysterious smile, long dark violet-red hair and long pinkish side bangs, and wears a tunic with weaving gold, blue and green design along the low collar and blue buttons. Behind him is the seashore with blue skies and white clouds.

alejandro altaha: the protector of the planet ▒▒▒▒▒ who is the foremost among those who rid it of curses, he stands tall with a warm gaze upon the people he protects--and yet anyone who is honest will note that his voice is a little cold. once very close to the chandrani triplets and several cousins, their relationships are now broken apart.

Alia has a lot of dark blue curls floating at the sides of her face, red eyes, dark brown skin and a determined smile and look. She wears a dark blue coat with light blue lining and silver buttons and a pale shirt beneath. Behind her is the seashore with blue sky and white clouds.

alia akinyemi: a woman of great strength and even greater intellect, she's the type of person everyone wants at their side. and yet she often focuses on her own goals above the ones she's asked to--alejandro's quite used to it. the older sister of khaleel.

Khaleel with silvery white hair (glittery) in many braids falling around him. He has brown skin, red eyes with light brown sclera and is looking toward leo with a contemplative frown, and yet his expression isn't harsh. he wears an aquamarine shirt with aqua buttons and light green highlights, as well as a shirt with wavy light green and grassy green v-neck shirt collar design. Behind him is the left part of an aquamarine tree with a dark blue night sky with stars in it.

khaleel atif-akinyemi: despite being a quiet and contemplative man, he has an unknown task he prioritizes and at times chases after his sister to ascertain her safety. there are people who dislike him due to his desire to complete said task. he is the younger brother of alia.

Leo confidently looking toward khaleel with dark brown skin, spring green eyes and a relaxed smile. He has falling anime-white curls behind him that's implied to be tied. He wears a half-sleeved reddish pink shirt with a kaomoji that says O_O; (i.e. wide-eyed). Behind him is center part of an aquamarine tree with a dark blue night sky with stars in it.

leo abara: a calm and cheerful man, and yet his cheer doesn't always reach his eyes. he seems to worry over all his old friends.

khalida with an overcast sky above her that's light and darker grays. she has wavy lavender hair with shadows upon it and curls that fall to the sides of her face. her skin is light brown and her expression is a contemplative or neutral smile, and her eyes are fuchsia bright. she's wearing a leaf green outfit with golden branches on it as well as leaves and flowers and hearts.

khalida ahmad: a woman who bears a lot of weight on her shoulders as the captain of the queen's guard. she has alia's trust and her sword. there's something she won't speak on.

konna with wavy short lavender hair is looking toward a mysterious individual to her right with a small smile. she has fuchsia eyes, brown skin, and wears a dark violet loose-sleeved shirt with heart buttons. upon her is a gold necklace with a blue locket that has an aqua moon with vague hearts-and-or-wings on its upper and lower sides, and surrounding that blue is darker blue wavy craftmanship. behind her is part of a lit-up aquamarine tree and behind that is a very starry dark blue night sky.

konna: a woman with a hefty sword. she's very upfront all the time, and the sword helps out.

posh hat: an individual with a very fancy hat. they are uninterested in people who are not true to themselves.

maria: she keeps track of what's going on across planet ▒▒▒▒▒. mario's twin sister and antonio's cousin.

mario: he's very theatrical. maria's twin brother and antonio's cousin.

jasmin: though she is a rock star rising across the planet, there are people who believe she is not from planet ▒▒▒▒▒ at all.

nikiruka: a woman from another planet entirely. despite its absolute seclusion from the rest of the galaxy, she's on planet ▒▒▒▒▒ for reasons unknown to a majority of people.

armando rivera: an older man very caught up in his work. he can be over-protective of his progeny.

the chandrani family of jowar peaks... they are a mysterious clan with eerie rumors following them, especially regarding the regions surrounding their complex.

Antonio Chandrani with blue hair, red eyes, brown skin and a mysterious smile. He wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt. Behind him is green foliage with various large leaves.

antonio chandrani-rivera: a man whose tone is quite wry. he's often stressed over his family, and was once a close friend of the protector alejandro. alejandro cannot reach antonio's heart any longer. he gets along well with his cousin, layla.

Layla has wavy short anime silver hair with slight rainbows, bronze skin, and an amused smile. She wears an merald shirt, maroon-red tie, and white suit. There's the seashore with clouds behind them.

layla chandrani: a woman who seems too lackadaisical after everything that has happened, and yet people say she has been growing too powerful for all that.

keya chandrani: cousin of antonio and layla, she often acts as a guardian figure despite their consternations. she is the strongest of the chandrani known to humanoidkind upon the planet ▒▒▒▒▒, and seems to bear the weight of it like brushing water off the shoulders.

ranvir chandrani: antonio's father. he's very kind towards the children he deems to be antonio's friends, and yet it's noticeable, his distant temperament around most people.

rajani chandrani: ranvir's sister. she's taken over as leader of the clan and was known as nikiruka's significant other at one time.

Fernando Chandrani with dark hair that falls in front of him as a long braid, gold eyes, brown skin and a cheerful smile. He wears a white shirt with buttons undone. Behind him is green foliage with various large leaves.

fernando chandrani-rivera: antonio's identical twin brother. lost to all.

Raj  has rainbowy long anime silver hair on one side with an undercut on the other, dark brown skin and browner eye tone, silver irises, and a frown on his lips. He wears a white suit and violet-blue suit with pink tie and there is green foliage with various large leaves behind him.

raj chandrani-rivera: antonio's fraternal twin brother. he's unhappy about antonio's current situation.