May 14, 2024:

A Blue Horizon Kickstarter is in the works!

It will get time to get everything I have planned ready! The current goals are:

The summaries, one-sentence-ish previews, and word counts for the first 5 Kickstarter short stories can be found here. 4 out of 5 are completed and edited! I'll make a proper blog post on here too once the fifth is properly completed and edited.

May 14, 2024:

Existing Blue Horizon works!

Here's a currently short list of existing Blue Horizon works prior to the publishing of the epic science fantasy and the light novel:

The webtoon that will update whenever, and is a side series of silly or sad gay comics--

Antonio pulling Alejandro's arm against his chest, holding it. Antonio is smiling with furrowed brows at Alejandro while mostly submerged back against the ocean, with only his face and part of his head unsumbmerged.

Blue Horizon: Bright Days, Sad Days!

It currently has 2 comics featuring Antonio Chandrani-Rivera and Alejandro Altaha being disastrous.

Here's the summary on Webtoons:

current views: 99. subscribers 3. rating 10. 100,000 years in the future, on a far-off planet obsessed with Earth, Antonio Chandrani-Rivera and Layla Chandrani are part of a mysterious clan that protects their planet's humanoid populace from the incomprehensible and often cruel otherworld. Despite their work, there's something about the two of them that the people of the planet deem 'very off.' Why would the Protector of Worlds, Alejandro Altaha, care for them...? A slow exploration of Blue Horizon.

Feel free to follow for future comics of the like on Webtoons below...!

Webtoons link for future silly or sad Blue Horizon comics!

Alternate Tumblr link of the first comic (which will link to the next, and each will link to one another), especially for alt text.

Next is the complete short story arc that can be read on Antonio Chandrani-Rivera's Tumblr character blog. First is the Neocities transcript link, and second is the original Tumblr link.


[04/21/2024.] Approximately 2500 words long. Told via Antonio Chandrani-Rivera's "secret" [Tumblr] blog and transcripted on Neocities.

Summary: The story follows Antonio's curiosity over a rare book Alejandro has gifted him that's encrypted with runes. He manages to break the spell on it and find out what Alejandro has hidden for him inside--and becomes upset, as it's a precious item the world over assumed Alejandro would give to his rumored potential beloved (the biggest rumored people being Khalida, Alia, Diego or Konna). When Antonio confronts Alejandro, Alejandro confesses that he thought that Antonio would trash the precious item.

(Here it is on the original Tumblr, though it's harder to read in order there.)

Instead of only to-dos, wanted to note those two works on this page too!

March 01, 2024:

Blue Horizon, the actual name of "Another Sky" verse, will be a solo venture!

The top area says 'Blue Horizon (lgbt).' Antonio has red eyes, a grin, is brown, has lighter ocean blue hair that falls like ocean waves, and has grabbed onto Alejandro, who looks a little shy, is sienna brown, has long violet hair, fuschia eyes (a power-up of red eyes), dark pink dyed locks in front of him, and he's wearing a pink shirt, as is looking back at Antonio. They both have slight blushes.

I'm going to embark on a self-publishing path for "Another Sky"/Blue Rize, which were and are the nickname for Blue Horizon.

I'll be retiring "Another Sky" from now on! The series will officially be called "Blue Horizon." My personal nickname for it thus-far has been "Blue Rize." That isn't the name of the first book, which I will wait to reveal when I can drop a cover reveal.

I have Webtoon and Tapas parked for the webcomic I have planned.

Here's the summary for the webcomic:

At 21, Antonio Chandrani-Rivera isn't a beloved within his realm. He's what they call fallen, 'a curse.' But he must reach someone—the very man who lost Antonio's heart on that day their lives went awry and Antonio's identical twin Fernando died. That man is Alejandro Altaha, the current Protector of Worlds, and despite Antonio's cousin Layla attempting to curb danger at Alejandro's side, Antonio has learned of the devastation their plans will cost their far-off planet, and must stop it at once.


Alejandro has red eyes, light bronze skintone, a mysterious smile, long dark violet-red hair and long pinkish side bangs, and wears a tunic with weaving gold, blue and green design along the low collar and blue buttons. Behind him is the seashore with blue skies and white clouds.

[The triplet brothers, Raj + Antonio + Fernando. Their friends Alia + Layla + Alejandro below.]

The epic science fantasy first novel of Blue Horizon is complete, but although I have it pretty ship-shape, I'm going to make certain I have more revisions done, so it might take a while longer to drop, but not the likes of 2 or 3 years.

the 6 another sky ocs so far. raj is top left, and has long silver hair on one side with an undercut on the other, dark brown skin and browner eye tone, silver irises and a frown on his lips. white suit and violet-blue shirt with pink tie. antonio is top-middle with shoulder-length blue hair, red eyes, brown skin and a mysterious smile, wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt. fernando at the end has dark hair as a long braid, gold eyes, brown skin and a cheerful smile, wearing half-open white shirt. behind the triplets green foliage. alia on the bottom-left has dark blue curls floating at the sides of her face, red eyes, dark brown skin, a determined smile, wears a dark blue coat with light blue lining and silver buttons and a pale shirt beneath. layla at bottom-center has wavy short anime silver hair, bronze skin, an amused smile, emerald shirt, maroon-red tie, and white suit. wears a tunic design. behind them is the seashore.

[Layla, Alia, Antonio and Alejandro!]

khaleel with silvery white hair (glittery) in many braids falling around him. he has brown skin, red eyes with light brown sclera and is looking toward leo with a contemplative frown, and yet his expression isn't harsh. he wears an aquamarine shirt with aqua buttons and light green highlights, as well as a shirt with wavy light green and grassy green v-neck shirt collar design. behind him is the left part of an aquamarine tree with a dark blue night sky with stars in it.leo confidently looking toward khaleel with dark brown skin, spring green eyes and a relaxed smile. he has falling anime-white curls behind him that's implied to be tied. he wears a half-sleeved reddish pink shirt with a kaomoji that says O_O; (i.e. wide-eyed). behind him is center part of an aquamarine tree with a dark blue night sky with stars in it.

[Khaleel and Leo! The six of them make up the "Main 6."]

I'll try to get the light novel ship-shape as well so that I can drop them both around the same time!

It'll still take time, but I parked the names for Blue Horizon on Webtoons and Tapas! I put many of the early artwork as "Chapter 1" on there, as I've seen some people do.

Here is the Webtoon link if anyone wants to follow very early.

And here is the Tapas link if anyone wants to follow there very early.

I'll note when the first chapters actually update.